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How to lace up a corset

Pull the lace through the upper loops from the inside of the corset. Make sure both ends are the same length and leave one side apart.

Start lacing making an X: pull the ribbon through the lower hole on alternating side, continue lacing skipping one hole at every side. The ribbon should go out from inside. Avoid twisting the ribbon, it should lay down flat, fix it by hands if necessary. When you reach the waist line (two holes closer one to the other) create a large loop by lacing out and then back into the same side. You will likely end up with a couple of feet of lace on each side. Continue lacing until you reach the bottom of the corset. On last hole pull the lace from outside to the inner.

Same thing to do with the other end of the lace.

Tie two ends of lace together (the knot can be hidden under the corset).

Make sure the ribbon lies smooth. When you start to tighten corset on yourself pull loops to the sides with both your hands, it will tighten your corset. Tie a bow when you finish.