How do I put the corset on/off? - 2mimor
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How do I put the corset on/off?

At first loosen the lacing fully pulling the lace without undoing the bottom tie. Put on the corset over your head stretcing your arms up. Fit the corset to the figure, it should be right around the torso center. Use the loops at the level of the waist to tighten the lacing (upper lace tightens the upper part of corset, the lower lace for the lower part). Do not tight up the lower corset too strong. To avoid lace twisting if needed straighten it by hands. Make sure the corset fits right and does not bring discomfort. After that using the waist loops tie up a bow and hide the lace ends under the corset below.

To put off the corset untie a bow-knot on your waist, pull the sides loosing the laces. It would be easier if you turn the corset lacing front. Pull over your head same way.